Who is our real enemy?

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Our fight in China is not against their people, but against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).  The enemy is not a race, but power and purpose that is not peaceful and just.

What China is doing in the West Philippine Sea we have fought for a long time through legal offensive and diplomacy, because that is the good way to find solution to the problem.

But the CCP and PLA answered by: a) reclamation of our reefs and shoals and make military fortresses; b) patrolling their Navy, Coast Guard and people’s militia threatening our fisherfolks, island and Osaka resources and BRP Sierra Nun; c) occupation of Scarborough Shoal; d) destruction of our nature in the ocean; and, e) the conquering of our sovereign territory in the Freedom Island Group and under them in Hainan province.

Currently, US and China’s rivalry on many fronts are getting hotter because China is applying the “Unrestricted Warfare” in all aspects that can degrade and destroy an enemy’s elements of national power.  Because we have Mutual Defense Treaty with the US, we need to think that unrestricted warfare is also applying to us.

That is why when the US and China battle starts, we won’t be able to retreat.  For what we don’t like or want, China premeditated against us will come out when that time comes.  They are here within the country.

How? With the help of robbers and traitors helping them, this is what I think will happen:

  1. Their occupation force scattered across the Philippines will expose the infiltrators and sleepers in our government (national and local), drug syndicates, POGO’s, malls, casinos, property development, restaurants, hardware, mining companies, construction, trading, agriculture, industry, SME’s their property.
  2. Control of our vital infrastructure through blackmail and coercion—airports, seaports, roads, highways, bridges, electricity, water, mass transportation, information and communication; and our army will be demobilized.
  3. Guerrilla or small unit armed force for hit and run raids; strategic strike of military and police facilities and defense industries; reprisals; to overwhelm our army and police forces.
  4. Blockade of our sea lines or communication so our imports and exports can’t enter or exports; and our Navy and Coast Guard can’t move.
  5. Air Defense Identification Zone so our tourists and freight can’t enter or exit; and our Air Force can’t move.

That’s my perspective. That’s my belief.  Because what China says does not match what he is doing.  Unreliable friend. Did I say it clear?

Now, if there’s truth about what I’m talking about, we should act now to clean our environment well.  Let’s not wait for the explosion before moving because we are bound to lose the first day here on our land.

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