Bong Go: No one will be spared if proven corrupt amid COVID-19 crisis

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Sen. Bong Go enjoins the public to report anomalies and corruption-related acts to authorities in connection with the purchase or selling of medical supplies and equipment amid the country’s fight against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

“In times of crisis, every peso counts. While government maximizes its limited resources, a lot of our fellow Filipinos have also lost jobs, livelihood and savings. We are fighting for survival – survival is the name of the game here. We should not allow corruption and abusive business practices to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of fellow Filipinos,” Go said.

He assured the public that he himself will ensure the protection of anyone who will reveal corrupt acts of authorities. “I will be the one to whisper your complaint to President Duterte and make sure you are protected as long as you are telling the truth,” he added.

“If we see any corruption, we must hold to account those agencies and their officials. No one will be spared. This is public money and it should be used properly, especially since we are facing a fearsome enemy,” the senator said.

Go also maintained that the government will remain vigilant in spending public funds allocated to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Indeed, we need to improve our capacity in addressing pandemics like this. We hope that the measures we have discussed will address some of our weaknesses and gaps in handling public health emergencies. Let the pandemic be a lesson to all of us and use this experience to improve our health system,” Go said.

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