MMDA blames commuters for transportation mayhem

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Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) passed the blame to commuters for the chaos on the roads on Monday, the first day of general community quarantine (GCQ).

MMDA General Manager Jose Arturo Garcia claimed how the people “seemed to have lost focus” at the fact that COVID-19 was still around and could spread wider with the easing of restrictions on public transportation.

“They were focused on traveling even though they [knew], just as the Department of Transportation said, our first priority is health and safety,” Garcia said.

“When they saw the free rides, many commented on social media that commuters fought over these, they were on the road, there were no lines. They were each to his own and forgot that the priority is to stay safe from [the coronavirus],” he added.

To review, the commuters who were left to fend for themselves on the road were employees who were just trying to make it to their workplaces.