DOJ to submit its own review of the Anti-Terror Bill to Duterte by June 17

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The much-talked about Anti-Terrorism bill will have its final review from the Department of Justice by June 17. The agency will submit its results of review to Malacañang for the president’s consideration.

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said the department “has been requested to submit its comments on the anti-terror bill to the Office of the President by Wednesday, June 17.”

“We’ll review the proposed anti-terrorism bill as independently and objectively as possible, with only the security of the nation and the civil and political rights of the people in mind,” Guevarra added.

The said review began on June 6, during which time Congress had not yet passed the bill.

The bill, which was certified by Duterte as urgent will give more surveillance powers to government forces. Critics of the measure say it relaxes safeguards on human rights.

One of its contentious provisions is allowing the detention of suspected terrorists for up to 24 days even without a warrant of arrest. Once enacted, law enforcers can conduct surveillance on suspected terrorists for up to 90 days.

Under the current law, detention without warrant of arrest should only be up to three days, while surveillance is up to 30 days only.

PBBM supports legalization of motorcycle taxis

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57 lawmakers reject proposal to secede Mindanao

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