Sandigan News Weekend Trivia! #NowYouKnow

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  1. 5.2% of world trade comes through Hong Kong.
  2. The world’s first underwater tennis stadium is in Dubai.
  3. Japanese passport is the world’s most powerful passport. It grants visa-free access to 190 countries out of 195 nations.
  4. Cracking your knuckles does not hurt your bones, the sound you hear is just gas bubbles bursting.
  5. The sunset under the clouds looks like the sky is on fire.
  6. Almost 14% of Google employees have never attended college.
  7. Sharks are the only animals that never get sick. They are even immune to every known disease including cancer.
  8. “The World” is a cruise ship where you can live as a permanent resident and wake up in a different country every morning.
  9. Approximately 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account and 21% don’t even have a savings account.
  10. The largest cave in the world is in Vietnam and is so big that it has its own river, jungle and climate.
  11. There is a small international bridge in the world wherein one end is Canada and the other end is USA.
  12. The construction of the Great Wall of China took over 2,000 years.
  13. The line that separates day and night sides on Earth is called terminator.
  14. The pilot and co-pilot of a flight never eat the same meals in case one causes food poisoning.
  15.  There is an amazing bridge that turns into an underwater tunnel connecting Denmark and Sweden.

House committees to hold hearings during break

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Spread the loveMANILA – The House of Representatives has authorized for its committees to conduct hearings during the five-week congressional break, extending until late April.