Duterte asks CPP not to obstruct COVID-19 vaccine transport

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President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday called upon the Communist Party of the Philippines to allow the free and safe transportation of COVID-19 vaccines in remote areas once they become available.

“The Communist Party of the Philippines must guarantee that the vaccines, in the course of their being transported to areas where there are no city health officers and medical persons, na wag ninyong galawin ang medisina,” Duterte said during his weekly national address.

“Allow the vaccines to be transported freely and safely. I am asking you now to observe that rule, because that is for the Filipino people,” he added.

Duterte noted reports of communist rebels causing disturbances in the transport of government aid in far-flung areas. He asked them to “kindly observe the rules of humanity.”

Meanwhile, he called on other government agencies not to obstruct the delivery of the vaccines as well.

“To every government worker, lahat tayo…do not delay and do not hinder or obstruct the smooth flow na nakikita niyo ngayon, from the time of arrival to the time of clearance,” he ordered.

“Ang trabaho lang ninyo, Customs, is magtingin. You have no business na buksan buksan ‘yan diyan. You’re not allowed to do that. I’m not allowing anybody diyan sa airport na magbukas-bukas,” the President added.

Duterte also tasked the PNP to secure the transport of the coronavirus vaccines.

“The PNP should provide escorts to ensure the fastest way the vaccines will arrive. Even on the matter of transporting from one facility to another, the police should provide that kind of mobility,” he said.