Half of Filipinos ‘very happy’ with love life — SWS

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Some 39% or a little less than half of Filipinos want to celebrate Valentine’s Day this 2021, with half of the respondents claiming that they are happy with their love life, said a pollster Friday. 

As reported by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) based on a survey conducted from November 21 to 25 last year, 31% of the respondents said they were undecided in marking the special day, while 27% said they would not celebrate it.

The face-to-face poll also revealed that 31% of the people interviewed said their love life could be happier, with the remaining 18% saying that they were not in a romantic relationship.

According to the SWS, “The latest percentage of those with a very happy love life is the lowest since the 49 percent in 2014… On the other hand, the latest percentage of those with no love life is a new all-time high that surpassed the previous record of 14 percent in 2016, 2017, and 2019.”

“Fifty percent among those with a very happy love life would celebrate Valentine’s Day compared to… 13 percent among those with no love life who would also celebrate Valentine’s Day,” the pollster added.

Meanwhile, of the people who want to mark the special day, almost half or 45% said they would go to church or attend religious services. 

Another 27% said they would give a gift to their partner, while 25% would celebrate it by making special food for their loved ones.

SWS noted that according to the survey there is “no significant connection” with people who wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and happiness with their love life to their fear of COVID-19. 

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