72% of Filipinos find difficulty in commuting to work — SWS survey

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A large number of Filipinos claimed they have difficulty commuting to their place of work compared to the time before the pandemic.

A survey conducted in November by the Social Weather Stations showed that 72% of working Filipinos expressed difficulty in traveling to their workplace due to limited public transportation.

The survey stated 42% of non-home-based workers found commuting to be “very much harder now,” 19% said “somewhat much harder,” 11% said “slightly harder now,” and 28% said the experience was the same.

For the modes of transportation, 44% said they volunteered to walk to work. While others take a motorcycle (24%), tricycle (14%), jeepney or multi-cab (8%), bicycle (5%), bus (3%), private car (3%), and motorboat or banca (1%).

According to the survey, walking to work is most common outside the National Capital Region, with 58% of workers walking to work in Mindanao, 44% in the Visayas, and 39% in Balance Luzon. In NCR, the number one mode of commuting is jeepney or multi-cab, comprising 25% of the sample size, followed by walking at 21%.

The number of home-based workers is highest in Metro Manila at 29%, followed by Balance Luzon (22%), Mindanao (13%), and the Visayas (10%), the survey showed.

The survey was conducted from Nov. 21 to 25, 2020, using face-to-face interviews with 1,500 adults. The sampling error margins are ±2.5% for national percentages.

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