LTFRB expands bus, shuttle service routes

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MANILA – As part of the country’s gradual and phased relaxation of Covid-19 quarantine regulations, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has opened seven “intra-regional” city bus routes and eight shuttle service routes.

Only public utility vehicles (PUVs) such as city buses are allowed to operate, according to the LTFRB, as long as they have a valid and existing certificate of public convenience (CPC) or an application for an extension of validity.

Kinakailangang nakarehistro sa personal passenger insurance policy ang bawat unit sa mga rutang binuksan ng LTFRB (All units operating in routes opened by the LTFRB are required to be registered with personal passenger insurance policy),” the LTFRB said.

It said that PUVs used as shuttle services must be roadworthy and in compliance with the LTFRB Memorandum Circular 2020-039.

The memorandum requires shuttle service providers, private firms, and government agencies must have a valid leasing contract until December 31, 2021.

Shuttle service units must be registered, have a valid comprehensive passenger insurance policy, have been marked with the leasing company’s logo, and be used exclusively for the transportation of the leasing company’s personnel.

It stated that all PUVs, including shuttle services, must adhere to minimum health standards in public transportation, including the use of face masks and shields, no talking or eating, have adequate ventilation, regular disinfection, preventing symptomatic passengers from boarding, and following the “one-seat-apart” physical distancing rule.

Thus far, there are 42,590 public utility jeepneys (PUJ) plying 524 routes, 982 modern PUJs in 51 routes, 4,639 city buses in 35 routes, 404 point-to-point (P2P) city buses in 35 routes, 9,346 UV Express units in 152 routes, 21,663 taxis, 25,495 transport network vehicles services (TNVS), and 55 modern UV Express units in three routes nationwide.

In addition, there are 5,350 provincial buses operating on 241 routes, as well as 204 provincial P2P buses that are connected to the National Capital Region (NCR).

There are 104 provincial buses in eight routes outside the NCR, 65 provincial P2P units in three routes, and 57 provincial UV Express units in three routes.

House committees to hold hearings during break

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Spread the loveMANILA – The House of Representatives has authorized for its committees to conduct hearings during the five-week congressional break, extending until late April.