PNP intensifies anti-corruption campaign with new guidelines

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MANILA – The Philippine National Police-Internal Affairs Service (PNP-IAS) on Sunday issued guidelines to boost its anti-corruption drive within the organization.

The new directive, headed by PNP chief Gen. Dionardo B. Carlos, seeks to strengthen the cleansing program among police personnel so that the public can be assured of the trust they put in the organization.

An IAS desk will be established under the new policies to encourage the public to air their grievances and to share the accomplishments of law enforcers.

“Under this program, partner stakeholders can have an avenue to voice out their concerns, grievances as well as recognition for the good deeds of any personnel or unit,” Carlos said.

The IAS desk will be the centralized repository for all information pertaining to the PNP and its personnel. The data collected will be used to develop an intervention to address the issues and concerns.

The IAS will also prioritize the rapid and impartial disposition of administrative cases against PNP personnel involved in graft and corrupt practices.

In collaboration with the Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group (IMEG), the IAS will conduct immediate administrative proceedings to determine the administrative liability of arrested PNP personnel and whether the evidence will suffice to remove them from service.

Moreover, the PNP-AIS will use a more aggressive proactive inspection approach, in which all PNP personnel will be subjected to attendance checking, as well as appearance and public impression evaluations.

IAS is now nearing completion of the procedures and parameters of the State of Discipline, which will allow all PNP units/stations to closely monitor and guide their respective personnel to avoid involvement in any illegal activity such as graft and corruption.

“This is how the organization works. We continue to devise ways to better improve the system and to ensure that we remain committed to our mantra of serving and protecting the public with integrity,” Carlos said, noting that as law enforcers, the prime duty of the PNP is to uphold the rule of law.

House committees to hold hearings during break

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Spread the loveMANILA – The House of Representatives has authorized for its committees to conduct hearings during the five-week congressional break, extending until late April.